I'm Melanie Logan, a Licensed Professional Counselor with fourteen years of experience. My private practice is located in Tulsa, OK. My work, informed by years of training and practice, focuses on helping clients gain confidence and identify tools they have and can use to cope with difficulties in life. They come away with a plan of self care and learn to prioritize what brings meaning to their life. They gain tools they can use to reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve their overall quality of life.

I received my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern State University in 2006.  I have spent time during my career working with families, children and adults in a variety of settings building upon years of knowledge and experience. You can view my psychology today profile here.

Using a blend of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and person centered techniques,  I help clients discover a life of happiness and purpose.


Together We Will:

•  Uncover your strengths by exploring family history, life events, and belief systems.

•  Change your negative thought processes through a combination of talking, writing, and work.

•  Identify any underlying causes of stress or depression by looking at potential medical issues, 

   diet/health issues, job-related stress, or hormonal imbalances.

•  Focus on gratitude and happiness!

I Specialize in Helping:

• Women who are trying to improve their lives, uncover their strengths, and find

   their voice.

•  Parents who are dealing with parental stress due to behavioral problems, divorce, or blending


•  Couples going through relationship challenges or divorce.

•  Clients of all ages going through adjustment issues, low self-esteem, divorce, depression, anxiety,

   grief, family issues, job changes, or other difficult life events.

I believe we have choice in our perspective and that we can always find some nugget of hope if we seek it.

Joyful Living Counseling Services LLC

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