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Women's Therapy Group in Tulsa, OK

Guide to Joyful Living

Join our 12-week therapeutic women's group—a transformative journey to build community, foster personal growth, craft self-care plans for joyous living, and assemble toolkits for enhancing self-esteem and overall wellness.

Build community

Strengthening our community through guided instruction, shared experiences in group sessions, and meaningful connections outside of our designated meeting times.

Personal Growth

Embark on a journey of personal growth through engaging weekly assignments, empowering challenges, and the enriching experience of sharing with fellow women during our group meetings

Build a reliable self-care plan

Members will construct a robust self-care plan grounded in evidence-based practices, fostering exploration and hands-on application for building enduring well-being

Enhanced overall wellness

Experience a comprehensive boost in overall wellness through our holistic approach, integrating evidence-based practices, supportive community, and personalized strategies tailored to your well-being.

Foster Connection, Embrace Support, Cultivate Self-Love: Your Journey Starts Here

For those who find themselves feeling lonely despite being surrounded by loved ones, yearning to reconnect with forgotten joys, and seeking relief from the overwhelming cognitive load of managing family, career, and life's myriad tasks. Join us for support, connection, and a path to rediscovering fulfillment.

You deserve a thriving support system, a rekindled connection to forgotten joys, and relief from life's overwhelming demands. Join us on a journey to rediscover and prioritize your well-being.
High Five

The Full Details of Our Group

Engaging Group Discussions

Practical Tools for Growth

Safe Environment to Share Connection with Women

Weekly Writing Exercises

Challenges to Support Change

Personalized Journal 

Coffee and Snacks

Cost: $700 paid in full or 3 payments of $240 billed monthly throughout group

“I enjoyed this group and looked forward to it every other week. Getting help didn’t feel like a chore.”

Previous Group Member

you are welcome here as you are

Collaboratively working towards your lifelong journey for positive and lasting change.


Book a free consultation

Book your complimentary 15-minute consultation today by reaching out through email, call, or text—we're here to connect and support you.


Discuss needs and services

During the consultation, we'll discuss personalized solutions tailored to your needs, helping you choose the right provider and services for your individual journey towards well-being.


Journey towards positive change

Begin your transformative journey towards positive change and personal growth with our dedicated support and personalized services. 

  • What can I expect from participating fully in this group?
    If you attend every session, complete all writing assignments and weekly challenges, and share openly and authentically with the group, you can expect to experience a profound shift in your perspective. You may find that challenges that used to overwhelm you become much easier to tackle. You might experience a newfound excitement for your life and its opportunities. You may often find yourself feeling joyful for no particular reason. You could discover a brand-new network of like-minded women.
  • When and where does the group meet?
    Every other Saturday, throughout the duration of the group, at the Joyful Living Counseling office from 10:00a-12:00p.
  • Do I need prior experience with counseling or therapy in order to benefit from this group?
    No! We welcome any woman who's looking for a new experience and personal growth and development. If you have previous experience with therapy, participation in this group will be an enhancement.
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